We offer Gates for the use of control or isolation from Jash Engineering Ltd. which offers customized solutions to meet the needs of the most challenging applications worldwide.

The range of water control gates are suitable for water, wastewater, agriculture, stormwater, power, seawater, cement, steel, paper & pulp, petro-chemical, fertilizer and other industries.

Type of gates fall into the categories shown as below:

  • Slide Gates (including penstocks)
  • Roller Gates
  • Miter Gates
  • Radial Gates
  • Bulk Head Gates
  • Crest Gates and many more.

Together with Rodney Hunt U.S., Jash Engineering Ltd. offers a wide range of control gates with materials manufactured from cast iron, alloy cast iron, ductile iron, stainless steel, duplex, super duplex, aluminium, carbon steel, FRP, composite and HDPE. Other benefits includes:

  • Wide range of sizes with water column pressure & pressure orientation according to the requirement of any project with accordance to standards outlined below.
  • Standards conforming to BS7775:2000 or AWWA (C560, C561, C562, C563) for applicable types of gates.
  • Fully compliant to NSF 61 materials used for drinking water application.
  • Wide range of seating faces (sealing) mainly metal seated, resilient seated, HARSA™ rigid & low friction seating, SELF-SECURE™ & EASY-SLIDE™ resilient seating to further reduce leakage rates and PRESS-ON™ replaceable resilient seating.
  • Conventional and Flush Bottom arrangement with optional AUTO-FLUSH™ arrangement to force out accumulated grit particles to ensure full closure of gates.
  • Mounting type ranging from Wall Mounted, Channel Mounted or Thimble Mounted gate arrangement.
  • Self Contained or Closed Top arrangement.
  • Operations range from manual, actuator, pneumatic or hydraulic depending on project requirement. Portable operation is also supported.
  • Single piece or multi piece stem design according to requirement.
  • Optional low friction UHMWPE guides.
  • Flat back or Ribbed door frame according to the size and pressure requirement.
  • Full range of accessories mainly, stem guides, travel stops, anchor bolts, foot wall bracket, stem cover, handwheel and much more.
  • Full support of Design Engineers during the design period of any project.
  • Dedicated project & after-sales team.
  • Deployed in 45 countries worldwide.

We are committed to our engineering excellence, our state of the art manufacturing facility includes these features:

  • 24 hours manufacturing plants with a capacity to supply over 3,000 gates per year.
  • In-house metallurgical testing, machining, hydrostatic testing, pattern & foundry for casted materials.
  • Segregated manufacturing areas for stainless steel products supported by qualified welders & processes which generates products with heatless cutting, continuous welding and hydrostatic testing.
  • Stainless steel products are 100% tested with dye penetration, glass bead blasting, pickling & passivation.

Water control gates are normally used to manipulate the flow of water within a designed system. These gates manage isolation, diversion, surface elevation and direction of flow of water within the system to allow certain criteria according to the purpose of any plant.


MountingFace Wall Mounted
Sealing4 – sides

Open Channel Gate

MountingChannel Mounted
Sealing3 – sides

Weir Gates

MountingFace Wall Mounted
Sealing3 – sides

Stop log

PurposeIsolation / Maintenance
MountingFace Wall Mounted
Sealing3 – sides