NOVA Composite Stainless Steel Tank

The preferred storage tank solution for potable water.

Value engineering is at the core of NOVA Composite Stainless Steel Tank’s design.

The tank shell is uniquely designed to offer both structural strength and corrosion resistance with a dual-layer steel sheet.

A high grade steel that forms the external layer of the tank shell is key to achieving optimum structural strength.

This layer undergoes a durable Duplex coating in a factory-controlled environment for stringent quality control measures.

The tank shell is internally-lined with Stainless Steel for corrosion protection.

These two layers of steel are permanently fused together with advanced welding technology and pressed to enhance the structural integrity of the tank shell. 

All tank items are designed and produced to the most strict adherence to the BS1564:1975 and SS22:1979 international standards.

Quality checks in accordance to YMC’s Quality Management System are performed on each tank item to ensure that all items are received defect-free.

External Reinforcement System is used to support the tank structure as opposed to the conventional internal tri-bar or staybolt systems.

This obstruction-free tank interior provides significant engineering benefits such as minimal maintenance costs and extended lifecycle of the tank.

Looking to replace your existing tank?

At YMC, we have successfully worked alongside with water operators and other public sectors across the nation to carry out numerous water tank replacement projects in an effort to combat tank leakage and non-revenue water issues.

Our team of expertly trained field engineers will work with you to design and construct a new tank that is customised to your requirements and minimise your operational downtime during the replacement process.

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As part of YMC’s commitment to serve all clients to our utmost ability, our in-house engineers will work closely with you to ensure that the tank’s specification conforms to your requirements and site conditions.


Upon the approval of all technical details and drawings relevant to your tank, we will manufacture your tank items expediently to accommodate to your project timeline.


YMC provides clients with an expert installation team equipped with over a decade worth of experiences assembling NOVA Internal Stainless Steel Tanks across the nation.


Our NOVA Composite Stainless Steel Tanks are produced to the most stringent quality audit and are certified by the following accreditation of certification bodies:


SIRIM Quality Assurance Services Malaysia


National Water Services Commission Malaysia


Sabah State Water Department

PBA Sarawak

Sarawak Rural Water Supply Department