Company: Balmoral Tanks is a leading European tank design and manufacturing company. Balmoral Group Holdings Ltd is a three-time winner of the prestigious Queen’s Enterprise award. Its division, Balmoral Tanks, produces the most comprehensive range of tank products available from a single source in the EU. Balmoral’s efusion® epoxy coated steel tank is the market leading storage tank solution for various applications ranging from potable water to anaerobic digestion.

Products: Efusion® Epoxy Coated Steel Tank ,
Efusion-1500® Epoxy Coated Steel Tank ,
Glass Fused to Steel Tank ,
Trough Deck Roof ,
Efusion® Epoxy Coated Steel Roof ,
Stainless Steel Roof



Company: Blackhall Engineering houses a dedicated team of valvologists® whom are experts in the design and manufacturing of customized valves for dam and reservoir applications. Blackhall’s valvologists® strive to forge a 100-year peace of mind for its customers with its flow control valves built to outlive human’s lifespan. The principal Blackhall product family includes the IP rights to the legendary Larner-Johnson valve with heritage dated back to 1900’s.

Products: Larner-Johnson® Needle Valve ,
Fixed Cone Valve ,
Submerged Discharge Valve ,
Parallel-Faced Gate Valve


Eun Kwang

Company: Eun Kwang (EK) is an award-winning valve manufacturer in Korea. With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing valves for the waterworks industry, EK has been a trusted provider for K-Water and government projects in Korea. The manufacturing facility in Busan, Korea, is equipped with an established in-house Research & Development Centre responsible for the key patents of EK Valves, such as their flagship models – Expansion® and Double Sealing® Butterfly Valves.

Products: Expansion® Butterfly Valve ,
Double Sealing® Butterfly Valve ,
Concentric Butterfly Valve ,
Double Eccentric Butterfly Valve ,
Swing Check Valve ,
Tilting Disc Check Valve ,
Resilient Seated Gate Valve ,
Metal Seated Gate Valve



Company: Estruagua is a specialist in manufacturing water and wastewater treatment equipment for both industrial and waterworks segments. With over 40 years of experience and a wide ranging portfolio consisted of 64 patented products, Estruagua has established itself as the go-to equipment provider for the largest water and sewerage treatment projects worldwide. Estruagua’s facility in Barcelona has a network of 75 technical experts specialized in the design and manufacturing of all equipment.

Products: Predator® Traveling Band Screen ,
Pegasus® Step Screen ,
Pegasus Pro® Step Screen ,
Aquilles® Trash Rake ,



Company: Landia supplies pumping and mixing solutions to 45 countries across the globe to industries such as agriculture, wastewater, biogas plants, and fish. Landia’s chopper pumps have been in operation for 20 – 25 years, some operating under extreme conditions with aggressive liquids and at high viscosities. Its trademarked GasMix solution offers a unique mixing system for anaerobic tanks by means of mixture of liquid and biogas being circulated within the tank.

Products: GasMix™ ,
Submersible Mixer ,
Side-Entry Mixer ,
Chopper Pump



Company: Makimura has established its unprecedented history of success as the primary go-to valve brand for large scale pumping stations and power plants across Japan. In the past few decades, Makimura has grown its global presence by offering its valves with unrivaled quality to clients in the waterworks, power plants, and industrial sectors worldwide. Particularly, Makimura’s renowned Multi Door Check Valves helped protect pumps in the largest pumping stations across Malaysia.

Products: Tilting Disc Check Valve ,
Multi-Door Check Valve



Company: NOVA is an established in-house brand of YMC Technologies with products ranging from sectional steel tanks to penstocks. YMC Technologies has leveraged on its extended experience from decades of technical know-how to offer the waterworks industry with a unique and competitive solution. The brand consists of patented composite stainless steel water tanks, as well as cast iron and stainless steel penstocks.

Products: ISS Composite Stainless Steel Tank ,
Full Stainless Steel Tank ,
Cast Iron Penstock ,
Stainless Steel Penstock



Company: Ovivo is a worldwide expert in water treatment, providing equipment, technology, and systems producing among the purest water and treating some of the most challenging wastewater globally. It is home to many of the most respected brands in the water and wastewater industries, such as Brackett Green, Bosker, among others. With its world-renowned trademarks and over 150 years of experience, Ovivo is the go-to solution provider for water and wastewater technologies.

Products: OVIVO Brackett Green Traveling Band Screen ,
OVIVO Brackett Bosker Automatic Raking Screen ,
OVIVO Brackett Bosker Bandit Automatic Trash Rake ,



Company: Tecon is a leader in biogas storage systems and was founded by two owners, Masswohl and Riedl, each equipped with more than 20 years of experience in the fields of Double Membrane Storage systems and textile architecture. Both owners have experience dated back to the 1980’s from the design and construction of the first Double Membrane Gasholder in the world. Since its establishment, Tecon has successfully installed over 2,000 Double Membrane Gasholders worldwide.

Products: Top Mounted Double Membrane Gasholder ,
Ground Mounted Double Membrane Gasholder